Which Cosmetics Are Made in China?

Which Cosmetics Are Made in China?

Are you wondering if the cosmetics you use on your face are made of cruelty-free materials? If so, you may want to know which brands test on animals. This article will discuss which cosmetics are made in China. We’ll also cover the policies of major companies like L’Oreal, Shu Uemura, Too Faced, Becca, and many others. Read on to learn more. Then, be sure to share the information with others!


If you’re wondering whether or not L’Oreal cosmetics are tested on animal welfare, then you’ve come to the right place. The company has been working to develop cruelty-free products since the 1990s, and is now the leader in animal testing reform. However, animal tests still occur in mainland China, where L’Oreal maintains its research and development facility. In addition, animal testing is a common practice in the industry.

L’Oreal is known for funding animal testing in some countries, including China, where animal testing is required by law. Although the company claims not to use ingredients tested on animals for cosmetic purposes, animal testing in China is mandatory. And while this is an ethical business decision, it still makes the issue of animal testing unresolved. In other words, whether or not L’Oreal cosmetics are tested on animals still remains a contentious debate.

Shu Uemura

If you want to buy cruelty-free beauty products, you may have a difficult time finding one that is made by a Japanese cosmetics company. Shu Uemura does not have any official cruelty-free certifications, but is still listed on Peta’s list of brands to avoid. The company’s cruelty-free certifications, however, do not apply to its products, as they are sold in China. In order for the company to call itself cruelty-free, they must allow Chinese health officials and authorised third parties to test their products. This is impossible to do, as Chinese law requires animal testing on imported beauty products.

In Japan, Shu Uemura’s cosmetics do not contain animal ingredients. However, this is unlikely to affect their sales in the UK, where they’re widely distributed. The company has been in the makeup business for a long time and is considered a global force in the industry. As such, the company has a large following in the U.S. as well. The company also has a large presence in mainland China, where many animal tests take place.

Too Faced

Are Too Faced cosmetics tested on animals? In some countries, such as China, animal testing is compulsory. The company doesn’t sell its products in China, however. The company’s policy is to not contract with third parties that conduct animal testing. Despite the lack of explicit disclosure, the company has been committed to cruelty-free production since its founding in 1994. Even if you’re on the fence about purchasing their cosmetics, be assured that you are supporting cruelty-free cosmetics.

Too Faced Cosmetics’ website does not mention the exact details of their testing policy, but the company does confirm that no animals are used. Though the company does not use third-party testing, their operations reflect their commitment to cruelty-free beauty. The company also ensures that their products are not sold in areas where animal testing is required by law. The company does not test their products on animals unless required to do so by law.


Although the company has a reputation for cruelty-free products, it is unclear whether or not Becca cosmetics are tested on animals. While the company is vegan, it does not use 100% cruelty-free ingredients. Most cosmetics brands are manufactured in China, where animal testing is necessary. Because of this, many vegans may be worried that Becca products might not be vegan. In addition, the company has not received organic certification, meaning it cannot call its products “vegan” if at least 70% of the ingredients are not.

Although the company claims to be “cruelty-free”, the vast majority of their products do contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products. Still, they offer a huge list of vegan products that you can choose from. All vegan products are clearly labeled as such. Becca cosmetics are not sold in countries that require animal testing. Whether or not Becca cosmetics are tested on animals remains a matter of debate, but most consumers will be happy to know that this cosmetic company is committed to animal welfare.


You may be wondering if Dior cosmetics are tested on animals. While the company claims it is committed to eliminating animal testing, they still do so, despite the fact that the process is legal. Dior has no official policy on animal testing, but the company does sell its products in China, a country that requires all cosmetic companies to test their products on animals. Whether or not Dior cosmetics are tested on animals is a personal decision, and the brand does not answer the question publicly.

Despite the high-end market, Dior cosmetics are still a popular choice among women and men. Its iconic fragrances are among the most famous worldwide, but many consumers are still unsure about whether Dior cosmetics are tested on animals. The cosmetics brand does not disclose whether it tests its products in China or not. However, the brand does say that they do not manufacture their cosmetics there, so it is possible that some cosmetics are still tested on animals in China.

La Mer

Despite claims to the contrary, the company does test its cosmetics on animals. Mainland China requires the testing of cosmetics, and La Mer is part of this country’s regulations. The company also sells products in China, which is not a vegan country. As such, you may be wondering whether La Mer is a vegan brand. The company claims to be vegan, but many of its products contain animal ingredients. Some of its products even contain palm oil.

As a medium-sized company based on the North Sea coast of Germany, La mer cosmetics is committed to making premium skincare products. The company has two brands: La mer and LAMARIN. The company employs around 60 people in its headquarters in Cuxhaven, Germany, and throughout western Europe. It also offers training courses and treatment plans for beauty professionals. You can find out more about the company’s ethical stance in our next article.

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