How Many Cosmetics Are in Fortnite?

How Many Cosmetics Are in Fortnite?

If you’re new to Fortnite, then you might be wondering how many cosmetics are in the game. The game is known for its constant map and meta changes, which have allowed players to dress up in various outfits, back blings, gliders, and more. Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games, and has already featured collaborations with many popular franchises. Some notable collaborations have included a Naruto outfit, Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, Spider-Man’s web-shooters, and a Baby Groot back bling.


There are currently 797 Fortnite cosmetics available. This includes Battle pass and shop skins. However, this does not include default skins. You can check the full list on the Fortnite Wiki. Keep in mind that the list does not include the World Cup and American Football skins, which are available separately. The game’s cosmetics are very similar and it is up to you which skins you want to buy.

The Black Knight skin, which was only available to players who had completed the first Battle Pass in Chapter 1 Season 2, was a rarity. It required a player to reach Level 70 to unlock it, and it’s not available to everyone. This skin also appeared only once in 2017, when the player base was much smaller. Fortnite players have subsequently increased. The Special Forces skin has not been seen since. However, it was released for the Samsung Galaxy.


Epic Games has released over 6716 Fortnite cosmetics since the game launched, including 1393 outfits, wraps, banners, and loading screens. The game started with basic outfits for characters like the Renegade Raider and Aerial Assault Trooper, but since then, more players have been adding different looks to their avatars. Currently, the most popular Fortnite skin is the LeBron James outfit, which can be bought for 2500 V-Bucks. While Fortnite does not have any functional advantage, many players spend money on skins and other graphical enhancements to show off their wealth and playstyles.


There are 15 cosmetics in Fortnite. The Fortnite Save the World Set includes 15 skins. These cosmetics come with various upgrades like a pickaxe, spray, loading screen, and more. Besides, the Save the World Set also contains 7 harvesting tools, five loading screens, and the Frostnite Burner. Players who redeem all five codes will receive an extra skin. You can also get more cosmetics by collecting them.

The Icon Series is made up of outfits of different Fortnite icons. The Marshmello Bundle is one of the first ones to be released. The Party Animal Harvesting Tool has been changed from Epic to Slurp Series. Lastly, Agent Jones refers to a weapon rarity in the Resistance Quests. Hopefully, this will give players even more cosmetic options in the game! So, what else is new for Fortnite?

The Black Knight skin is the most popular cosmetic in Fortnite. It was introduced last month during the Lunar New Year celebration, and quickly became a staple of Early Fortnite. It also became one of the battle pass’ first skins. While many players attribute its popularity to its unique design, it was released at a lower level than the previous year. The combination of medieval and modern design makes the Black Knight one of the most popular skins.

Other skins that were available in Season 2 are the Star-Lord and the Honor Guard. These skins were exclusive to this battle pass, and only a few owners will have them. The Honor Guard skin, however, is the most expensive skin available in the game. It is a unique model that is exclusive to the Honor View 20. It makes you look like a human Scuff controller. Just remember that some cosmetics can only be used once.

Among us

If you have the Among Us skin on your Epic Games account, you can purchase Stars Packs to unlock a variety of fortnite cosmetics. You will not receive a free back bling or emote when you first purchase an Among Us skin, however. If you have the Among Us skin on Steam, you can purchase additional cosmetics in the Fortnite shop. Here are some of the cosmetics available on Among Us skins.

Among Us skins can be obtained by spending 500 V-Bucks in the Item Shop. The skins are available in the game’s Item Shop, as are other cosmetics such as a new backpack and a Pac-Man back bling. There is no official release date for the skins, but fans can purchase them at any time and in any region. However, it is important to remember that Epic Games has not yet confirmed the prices or release date for these new cosmetics.

This collaboration is not the first for the Fortnite skins. There have been collaborations with many IPs and brands including Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and God of War. The newest collaboration will be with a viral indie hit, Among Us. We hope that you will enjoy these exciting new cosmetics in Fortnite. But don’t be frightened if you don’t know how to use them – we’re here to help!

As the Among Us style mode is being recreated in Fortnite, Epic Games has confirmed that the upcoming collaboration will involve a line of cosmetics based on the Among Us series. This collaboration has been in the works since the game’s impostors mode was first introduced. Alongside Among Us, there are a variety of other video game and film collaborations in Fortnite, including an official one with Marvel Studios. The new Fortnite Battle Pass will also feature Fortnite skins based on popular comic book and movie characters.


If you are curious about how many cosmetics are in Fortnite, you’re not alone. The game is known for its massive amount of skins. Epic Games has released over one thousand of them, and many players have become enamored with certain characters and skins. Epic Games’ collaborations with other game studios have also increased the number of skins. Although Epic Games is required to share revenue from the sale of these skins with working companies, they have been popular among gamers and loopers.

In addition to outfits, Fortnite has numerous back blings and skins. Fortnite players can make their characters look completely different by choosing the right color palette, and changing their character’s appearance. This way, they can stand out among other players in the game. Some players may even replace the gliders and harvesting tools with different skins, giving them a completely new look and color palette.

The Fortnite cosmetics are inspired by different things. There are costumes based on famous cartoon characters, movie stars, and even celebrities. Players can earn these cosmetics through the Item Shop or the Battle Pass. Players often wonder how many cosmetics are in Fortnite. There are currently 6716 in the game. These include 1393 outfits, wraps, banners, loading screens, and more. Although cosmetics do not provide a competitive advantage, players still enjoy spending money on them. Besides, it is their only way to brag about their wealth in the game.

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